Tech @ Up Learn

Zero to Hero: Tech Lead Edition

Lessons learned from the first year as a newborn Tech Lead

Why join Up Learn?

A view into the vision, the culture, and the challenges at Up Learn

The FAD process for decision making

A process to make decisions in distributed teams

Hackathons for Great Good!

Benefits of Hackathons at Up Learn for engineering team and product

The role of Senior Software Engineer at Up Learn

A peek into what it is like to be a senior software engineer at Up Learn

Up Learn's take on the mythical 10x Engineer

We believe that 10x engineers exist, but not in the way you probably imagine.

How does the Kubernetes scheduler work?

A detailed model of the Kubernetes Scheduler

Introducing QueryElf

A brand new toolkit that makes building Ecto queries a breeze

To Phoenix or not to Phoenix — That is the question

Our thoughts on deciding whether to build Up Learn on Elixir and Phoenix

Ethical foundations for quality work

Key ethical principles we look for in software engineers at Up Learn

Architecting for early stage startups

A guide for anyone building a new platform in an early stage startup